Privacy Policy

Information disclosed online is never 100% secure. No on can guarantee that.

At GlobalTek Int'l LLC, we value your privacy and will take steps to ensure that your information remains as private as possible.

This includes limiting the details that we collect to readily available statistical data, and not sharing or selling your details with unassociated parties.

What Information Is Collected

We collect statistical data via third-party tracking software (Google Analytics) that includes but is not limited to browser details, time spent on the site, and referral data.

We collect personal data from our users when it is voluntary supplied, such as when our cart or contact form are filled out and submitted to us.

How Collected Information Is Used

Statistical data collected via third-party tracking software (Google Analytics) is used for the purpose of improving our website functionality and providing better service to our users.

Personal data submitted by our users is used to provide them acurate quotes for our products, and initiate business.

Additional Information

Please contact us about any questions that you have.

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