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Solar System Inverters

Type: Wall-Mounted Off-Grid 3000W 48V Solar Inverter With WIFI Card
Capacity: 3000W
Max. PV Power (Input DC): 3800W
Max. PV Voltage (Input DC): 150Vdc
Nominal DC Voltage (Input DC): 48Vdc
Operating MPPT Voltage Range (Input DC): 65-150Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range at Nominal Power (Input DC): 65-120Vdc
Nominal Output Voltage: 200/220/230/240V (settable)
Output Voltage Range: 200/220/230/240V+/-10%
Nominal Output Current: 200/220/230/240V:15/13.64/13.04/12.5A
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz(settable)
Output Frequency: 50/60Hz(settable)
Start-up DC Voltage (Input DC): 60Vdc
Output Surge Power: 3×3000W(40ms), 1.8×3000W(1s)
Power Factor: 1
Max. DC Current (Input DC): 84A
Max. Short Circuit Current for each MPPT (Input DC): When MPPT working not accept PV short circuit.
Number of MPP trackers (Input DC) + Number of DC Connection for each MPPT (Input DC): 1
DC Connection Type: Terminal
Dimensions: 365.5×442×210mm
Weight: 38.5
Protection Degree: IP21
Features: Terminal AC Plug Type
Certifications: CE
Warranty: 1 Year

Packaging: Box (455×520×283)
Quantity Per Outer Carton: 1pc/ctn
Outer Carton Dimensions: 455×520×283mm
Carton Volume: 0.07cbm/ctn
N.W.: 38.5kgs/ctn
G.W.: 40kgs/ctn
Quantity Per 20ft Container: 400pcs
Quantity Per 40ft Container: 800pcs
Quantity Per 40HQ Container: 920pcs

GlobalTek Part Number: 020505053

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