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Air Coolers

Description: Air Cooler With 9-Blades, Dust Filter, Good Quality Cooling Pad, Water Level Sensor & Water Level Indicator
Wattage (W): 750W (Input: 900W)
Voltage (V): 220‐240V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60Hz
Current (A): 4.5A/4.2A/4.0A
Compressor Type: Axial Flow
Airflow: 18000m3/hr
Air Pressure: 1050/980/930RPM
Air Blower Pattern: Axial (Propeller)
Water Consumption: 10-15L/hr
Water Storage: 140L
Effective Area: 80-100sqm
Automatically Sway: Yes
Noise Level: ≤60
Dimensions: 1120×690×1700mm (With Wheels)
Material: New PP
Color: White
Weight: 53.5kgs
Plug: Brazilian INMETRO Adapter With C Type Plug With 3-Round-Pins, Inmetro Type Plug With Logo
Features: 3-Speed Control, Intelligent Operation LED Panel With Remote, 1 Dustproof Gauze in Front & Back Side, 10cm Cooling Pad, With Improved Cable Hole, With Reduced 3mm Front Louver, With Improved Water Observation Front Panel, With Improved Line Between Body and Water Tank, With Reduced Water Drainage Noise, With Larger Water Tank, Water Pipe on Back Plate, 9 Blade Fan
Notes: 2% RMA Parts Included (Ball Valve, Pump Motor, Water Level Sensor, Water Level Indicator, Small Motor for Louver, Ribs of Louver)

Packaging: Carton
Quantity Per Outer Carton: 1pc/ctn
Carton Volume: 53.5kgs/ctn
Quantity Per 40HQ Container: 49pcs

GlobalTek Part Number: 130802133

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