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Novelty Speakers

Description: FM Radio With USB/TF Player, Rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth Function
Output Power (RMS): 20W+5W×2
Power Voltage: 110V/60Hz-220V/50Hz
Input Power: DC 5V
Frequency Response: 100Hz-20KHz
Amplifier S/N Ratio: ≥80dB
Speaker Units: 2×5.25in.

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Description: AM/FM/SW1-2 Radio With USB/SD
Output Power (RMS): 3W (RMS)
Power Voltage: 110-220V 50/60Hz
Frequency Response: FM:87-108MHz, AM:52-162KHz, SW1:3.2-10.0MHz, SW2:10.0-22.0MHz
Speaker Units: 1
Material: Plastic
Colors: Red/Black

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Description: AM/FM Radio With Rechargeable Battery
Output Power (RMS): 4.7W (RMS)
Power Voltage: 220V/60Hz
Input Power: DC 6V
Frequency Response: AM: 530-1600KHz, FM: 88-108MHz, SW1-2:2.8-22.1MHz
Speaker Units: 1
Material: Wood + Plastic

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Description: Trolley Bluetooth Speaker With Remote Control
Output Power (RMS): 30W
Power Voltage: 9V
Frequency Response: 90Hz - 20KHz
Amplifier S/N Ratio: ≥60dB
Speaker Units: 15in. 4ohm×1 + 1in. Tweeter×1
Colors: Black

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Description: Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Output Power (RMS): 5W
Power Voltage: 5V
Frequency Response: 90Hz - 20KHz
Amplifier S/N Ratio: ≥60dB
Speaker Units: 6.5in. 3ohm×1
Colors: Blue, Red, or Grey

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Description: Bazooka Bluetooth Speaker
Output Power (RMS): 15W+ 3W×2
Power Voltage: Output: 3.7VDC, Charging: DC5V, With 100-200V AC Adapter
Input Power: DC5V
Frequency Response: 150Hz-20kHz
Amplifier S/N Ratio: ≥80dB

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