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Satellite Antennas

Type: 1.5M Solid Prime Antenna With Mounting Pole
Description: Offset Reflector Type, 6 Panels, 150cm Aperture Diameter
Pole: Size: 75cm, Diameter: 60mm, Thickness: 1.5mm
Material: Zinc Plated Steel With Polyester Powder Coating Finish
Color: Light Gray
Features: Efficiency: 80% Min. / C-Band Gain@4GHz 34.2dB / F/D Ratio: 0.385 / Focus Length: 577.5mm / 3dB BeamWidth: 2.9°(Max)

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Type: 60cm Offset Dish Antenna(0.5mm)
Description: Ku-band Reflector Type, 1 Panels
Pole: Pole/Wall Mounting, AZ/EL Adjustment Type, Elevation: 20-90°, Pole Diameter: 42mm
Material: Galvanized Steel With Polyester Powder Coating Finish
Color: Grey/Light Grey
Features: Offset Angle: 23.16°, Aperture Short Axis: 605mm, Diameter Long Axis:658mm, Efficiency: 70% Min., Ku-Band Gain@ 12.5GHz 36.5dB, F/D Ratio: 0.58, Focus Length: 353.56mm, 3dB Beam Width: 2.7°(Max)

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